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Today, web is the first contact of client with the business, brand and product. Well made website needs a perfect balance between innovative design and effective information architecture. Your ideas combined with our creative work will speak to your clients. We create aesthetic, useful and functioning websites.


Almost everyone uses a smartphone or a tablet, so our site adjusts to any resolution. Not only are our layouts responsive, we also improve our online skills everyday, which we can then utilize in our projects. We create quality webdesign. We do what we enjoy, that´s why we do it well.


Years of experience taught us that a creation of website is not the end of our job. We control our webs frequently, so they can remain effective in what they were meant to be used. Regular websupport and consulting is a necessity. We look after each of our work with love and take care of its safety and development.


We spend a lot of time by finding the best solutions, we stress on details and even if cooperating with clients can be trying, we can always connect their visions with our ideas. This results in satisfaction on both sides. There is always room for improvement, which is why we offer new ideas and possibilities to our old clients. When creating websites we will help you with text and photograph your space. By combining newest technologies and pure design we create effective solutions for today´s online world needs and we do every aspect on 100% and more.

graphics, ideas
webdesign, programming
photography, creativity

Our team

Je to tak... Veľa projektov sme nútení odmietať, lebo fyzicky nestíhame. Výborne sa nám robí s freelancermi - pokojne homeoffice. Nemáš momentálne do čoho pichnúť a chcel by si sa podielať na niektorom z našich projektov? Dostaneš zadanie, vypracuješ ho, pošleš faktúru, my pošleme peniaze a hotovo. Jednoduchá spolupráca. Ozvi sa. Uvítame aj jednorazovu pomoc, nič záväzné. Ak si nesadneme v štýle práce, v pokoji sa rozídeme.



webdesign, online-marketing, tester

Maintains and administers company´s agenda. Responsible for the transformation of graphic draft into a functioning website, tests functionalities prepared by boys and not a single mistake can get away from her. Patiently communicates, which is cherished by both clients and colleagues.



graphic designer, photographer, project manager

Designs, takes photos, adjusts, analyzes, coordinates, picks at everybody. Is in charge of running projects and first contact with clients. Likes talking and writing long e-mails, but he sees even the smallest deviations and inconsistencies, which he then fondly points out to his colleagues.



senior developer, technical support

Longtime and irreplaceable member of the TAG team. Programms, creates, implements, can solve any problem. Know everything. And what he doesn´t, he learns in 10 minutes. In his world, everything is possible. Dislikes only one question - "When?"



junior developer, technical support

Passionate cyclist and programmer. Flexible and handy part of our team. His talent is having any assignment ready in 7 minutes. Differs from typical programmer by his kind nature. Particularly intelligent and reliable.

"People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it."

G. B. Shaw

The best of our work so far

Fun facts about us

1 creative team
17 years on the market
170 and more satisfied clients
4267 and more working days

Services offered

  • Webdesign


    First thing customer notices is the visual aspect of the page (layout of each part - architecture, colors, images, animation, etc.) - in one word WEBDESIGN.

    When creating web pages we look after every little detail.

  • SEO


    Or the search engine optimization. While creation of the website we pay attention to correct SEO techniques and factors, we carefully pick keywords effectively used on the page.

    Good SEO is inseparable part of functioning webpage.

  • Photography


    Thanks to our equipment and foolproof eye of already mentioned member of the TAG team, our photography will capture exactly your needs.

    It doesn´t matter if you don´t have photos for your website, we can take care of that as well.

  • Graphic studio

    Graphic studio

    Draft, creation and realization of graphic for company identity, websites, logo, visualizations, prints.

    Flawless preparation of materials for print.

  • Advertisement print

    Advertisement print

    After making a unique graphic design of print materials, we process it and transform it into printed form.

    Bussiness cards, pamflets, various print materials.


Our satisfied clients

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    IČ DPH: SK2023676688
    Company was incorporated on 11.1.2013 in Company Register,
    conducted under Prešov County Court, division Sro, rider 27251/P

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